Upgrading WordPress 1.2.x to 1.5.1

1) rename ~/public_html/wordpress and ~public_html/wordpress-1.2.2

2) download and unpack distribution file

3) rename resultant folder wordpress-1.5.1

4) make logical link wordpress => wordpress-1.5.1

5) copy wordpress-1.2.2/wp-config.php to wordpress-1.5.1/

6) run http://www.uvm.edu/netid/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php

7) Copy folder wordpress-1.2.2/wp-content to wordpress-1.5.1/

That’s about it for “normal” users. Now comes the tricky part….
making it use the UVM template

8 ) rename wordpress/index.php wordpress/index_orig.php

9) copy wordpress-1.2.2/magicscript.php to wordpress-1.5.1/

10) copy wordpress-1.2.2/defaultmenu.html to wordpress-1.5.1/

11) copy wordpress-1.2.2/default.php to wordpress-1.5.1/

12) copy wordpress-1.2.2/waw.css to wordpress-1.5.1/

So far, so good. Except now most ever link is busted.

A return to the drawing board reveals that the WordPress folks made
some big changes to their code that actually favors the UVM template.
I had previously altered:

wp-settings.php : changed the value of $querystring_start
from ‘?’ to ‘&’;
database table xxx_options, field blogfilename=default.php
database table xxx_options, field home=http://www.uvm.edu/~waw/

Well, now there is no $querystring_start defined in the new wp-
settings.php, database table xxx_options, field blogfilename is
empty, and database table xxx_options, field home=http://www.uvm.edu/

Links OK now, but comments section of default.php template generating
errors. Changed


wp-comments.php doesn’t exist anymore. Replacement code from sample
wp.php file.

Now it looks like the only thing now working quite right is the RSS2
link. Maybe that will get fixed when I convert to the new 1.5 Themes

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