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Met with Holly, Judi, Paul, Harley, Malachi, and the media techcats to discuss policies, procedures, and the like. my notes:

1) introductions:
    a) who are you (TechCats). I need everyone’s NetID for 2b below

        Judi Bradley
        sean  brown
        paul philbin
        harley blake

    b) who am I (Wesley)
    c) new schedule (need pdf or similar for website)

1-a) how to get paid

2) policies and procedures
    a) log client interactions at
    b) log broken/misbehaving software/hardware at
       (in general most PC issues will be handled by J Bradley, most Mac issues by W Wright,
        non-computer hardware R Wiberg)
    c) use of CMD equipment for personal gain (i.e., you working on projects for non-UVM clients
       in exchange for $) is not allowed
    d) For most clients, iMovie/iDVD are the preferred video applications. Please don’t push
       people toward Final Cut or DVD Studio Pro unless there are strong compelling reasons

we broke into a "what new stuff do we need" discussion
o 2 new Mac systems ($5000 each)
o scanners for macs
o new PC to replace the windows 98 machine
o fast networking
o a SAN ? (cit or us?)
o FCP studio ($500 per copy); Adobe CS2 ($250 per copy); iLife 6 ($70) for ‘old’ machine

3) Macintosh Configuration

    a) After successful login, and as the Finder windows appear, the Macs are running background login scripts:
        i) files whose modification date is more than two weeks old are deleted
        ii) remaining Contents of Desktop, Documents, and Movies folders are set aside
        iii) /Users/customer folder is replaced with fresh copy from "secret" fodler
        iV) contents of Desktop, Documents, and Movies folders are returned to ?Users/customer
        v) Applescript initiates connection to smb://zoofiles/homes (users home folder on zoo)
        vi) if necessary, create Music and Pictures folders in user’s zoo directory. Music and Pictures Folders in
             /Users/customer folder are aliases to these. This facilitates use of iPhoto and iTunes in iMovie
    b) i have the admin password. you don’t. We need a backup.
    c) if there is an application that must be installed that isn’t, enter details in footprints. I’ll
       check it out and try to make it available
4) training — do you want it? What, when?

5) wires and cables: we’ll ask roger for some switch boxes

6) an anonymous comment-suggestions box

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