Dspace LDAP finishing touches

The last bits of the puzzle.

  • Wanted to force users ths SSL port for login, but not necessarily for anything else
  • Wanted LDAP authenticated users forced into the UVM group, so that collections private to UVM could be accessed by NetID and password

Solution to both was found in SimpleAuthenticator.java and MITAuthenticator.java Combined both into UVMAutheticator.java, using MIT code to dynamically assign e-people with email addresses ending in @uvm.edu to the UVM group; and adding a new config value to dspace.cfg called sslURL. This new config value was concatenated to a URL string in the Authenticator code such that requests requiring authentication were redirected the https://badger.uvm.edu/ + servercontext

Now needed to change some text on authntication page. Text was hidden in [dspace-source]/config/language-pack/messages.properties . Fixed that, recompiled, redeployed, and viola!

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