Dspace: Upgrade from 1.3alpha1 to 1.3.1

  1. Create/alter aliases dspace-last and dspace-current to reflect new /usr/local/src directory structure
  2. compare /usr/local/src/dspace-last/conf/dspace.cfg to /usr/local/src/dspace-last/conf/dspace.cfg, merge
  3. copy extra jar files from dspace-last/lib to dspace-current-lib:
    • cd /usr/local/src/dspace-current
    • cp ../dspace-last/lib/jai_* lib
    • cp ../dspace-last/lib/mlibwrapper_jai.jar lib
    • cp ../dspace-last/lib/postgresql.jar lib
  4. Remove the old version of xerces.jar from your installation, so it is not inadvertently later used:
    rm /dspace/lib/xerces.jar
  5. compare and merge  /usr/local/src/dspace-last/src/org/dspace/app/mediafilter/MediaFilter.java /usr/local/src/dspace-current/src/org/dspace/app/mediafilter/MediaFilter.java
  6. copy local jsp files from /usr/local/src/dspace-last/jsp/local to /usr/local/src/dspace-current/local and merge/compare with new default files.
  7. Build and install the updated DSpace 1.3.1 code. Go to the [dspace-1.3.1-source] directory, and run:

    ant -Dconfig=[dspace]/config/dspace.cfg update

  8. go to http://badger.uvm.edu/ , click on Tomcat Manager, enter secret words. Stop and undeploy /dspace and /dspace-oai
  9. deploy war file at jar:file:/usr/local/src/dspace-current/build/dspace.war!/
  10. deploy war file at jar:file:/usr/local/src/dspace-current/build/dspace-oai.war!/

Surprisingly, it all seemed to work.

LDAP logins still broken, however: need ldap.uvm.edu certificate added to JAVA_HOME security keystore.

While waiting for that, it’s probably a good time to work on some custom authorization code to force e-people regitsered via LDAP into a UVM group.

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