posting to blog via email part iii

Well all fine and dandy, but… …I can’t send mail to my "spare server" when off campus because of the stupid firewall. But for all practical purposes, my laptop is a "spare server." It has php, it has cron, it has mail, I have root access. So, step one, create a blog account (from the terminal)

sudo niutil -create / /users/blogstuff   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff uid 505   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff realname "Blog User"   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff home "/Users/blogstuff"   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff shell "/dev/null"   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff gid 20   
sudo niutil -createprop / /users/blogstuff passwd "*"    
sudo passwd blogstuff  

Set up the alias sudo pico /etc/postfix/aliases add a line like this


Edit /etc/hostconfig set


restart postfix

sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/Postfix/Postfix stop 
sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/Postfix/Postfix start   

Edit the wp-mail.php script and send mail to blogstuff@localhost

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