Scan them barcodes

Spent a fun day making my Mac speak barcodes.

This relates back to the Tina art project. I did a number of targeted searches onn the web and managed to find a low-cost software tool that scans barcodes using an iSight camera, name of  EvoBarcode.

So, I finished up an AppleScript that allows you to drop an ASCII text file on the applet icon and generate a foder full of barcode EPS files

I figured out how to make EvoBarcode work

I wrote another appplescript that would use mac text-to-speach to speakl the scanned barcodes

I recorded a bunch of sound files of me speaking the words

I modified the above applescript to play the files if the scanned word=filename. This uses another freebie application, playsoundfile 1.6.2

Getting together with Tina Tuesday to discuss results.

Need to see how well EvoBarCode does with color images

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