Windows Downloads Report

Finally deployed the "Display by Category" features of the Software Downloads page ( Calculated stats.

Back on July 1, CIT quietly updated both the format and the function of the CIT Software Downloads page at . On December 27, the pages were updated again to sport a new "Display by software Category" feature designed to make it easier for you to find what you need. And to serve our customers better, we are now keeping records of who downloaded what when.

We now have some statistics on what is hot and what is not, and we have the (as yet untried by theoretically possible) ability to send email to everyone who downloaded Product Q if and when Product Q is updated.

Here are some statistics from the first six months or so of downloads data:

  • 6561 distinct users requested 30120 downloads, an average of 4.6 downloads per person.
  • 27795 were Windows software (92%), 2334 were Macintosh downloads (8% of total)
  • 9637 were Windows Antivirus (32% of all downloads, 34% of Windows downloads)
  • 554 were Mac antivirus (1.7% of all downloads and 24% of all Macintosh downloads)
  • 2820 were Windows Spybot downloads (9%), 1000 were Windows XP Service Pack (3%). Add that to the Antivirus downloads and we might state that 45% of all downloads were some kind of Windows fixes  (13457downloads)

The numbers:

Windows Downloads
Number of Downloads Vendor Product name Platform Product version
9638 Symantec Antivirus Windows 8.1 — off campus version
2820 Safer Networking Spybot – Search & Destroy Windows 1.3
2678 ssh Secure Shell Windows 3.2.9 (Build 283)
2541 Cisco VPN Client Windows 4.0.3(f)
1729 Adobe Acrobat Reader Windows 6.0.1
1081 Wolfram Institute Mathematica Windows 5.01 Faculty
1017 Mozilla Foundation Firefox Windows 1.0
1000 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack Windows 1
945 Oracle Calendar Windows
919 Minitab Minitab Windows 14.12
855 Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Windows 1.7.1
389 Eudora Eudora Windows 5.2.1
361 Novell Netware Client Windows v4.83.2.5 – FINAL
292 Renex Bluezone 3270 Windows
243 Mozilla Foundation Thunderbird Windows 1.0
233 Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack Windows 4
206 Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm Windows
189 Thomson ISI ResearchSoft EndNote Windows 8.0.1
180 SCT Banner Windows For Windows 2000
173 StarNet X-Win32 Windows v5.4.0
158 Citrix ICA Windows
103 Respondus Respondus Windows 2.0.8
25 Microsoft Windows Hot Fix Windows For Windows XP
19 Disruptive Innovations Nvu Windows 0.50
4 GAIM GAIM Windows 1.0.0
Macintosh Downloads
Number of Downloads Vendor Product Name Platform Product version
554 Symantec Antivirus MacOSX 9.0
522 Cisco VPN Client MacOSX 4.0.2
311 University of Michigan Fugu MacOSX 1.1.0
158 Wolfram Institute Mathematica MacOSX 5.0 Student
141 Adobe Acrobat Reader MacOSX 6.0.1
136 Thomson ISI ResearchSoft EndNote MacOSX 7.0
123 Oracle Calendar MacOSX
115 Mozilla Foundation Firefox MacOSX 1.0
92 Mozilla Foundation Mozilla MacOSX 1.7
54 Eudora Eudora MacOSX 5.2.1
44 Citrix ICA MacOSX
37 Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm MacOSX
34 Mozilla Foundation Thunderbird MacOSX 1.0
8 Goliath MacOSX 1.0.1
5 Disruptive Innovations Nvu MacOSX 0.50

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