Book Signing Opportunity – August 14, 2021

For students in the Class of 2020 or the Class of 2021 who have not yet been able to sign the chapter book, you may do so on Saturday, August 14 between 10 am to 2 pm on the back porch of Wheeler House, located 133 S. Prospect Street; it’s the History Department. The stairs to the porch are on the Main Street side of the building. Short-term parking while you sign is available in the Wheeler House parking lot.

In the event of rain or extreme heat, the signing will be in the basement of Wheeler House, which is accessible via a door on the back side of the building and accessed from the College Street side.

Please bring an ID with you.

You are welcome to just drop by in that window without RSVP’ing, but it would be nice if you could send me an email in advance to let me know if you’re planning to come. Or if you change your mind about coming—I would prefer not to be waiting for you if your plans have changed.

I can be reached at If you can’t come on August 14 but would like to arrange an alternative time to sign, please email me. Options exist for on- and off-campus appointments.

All the best,
Prof. Phelps
Register, Alpha of Vermont Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa

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View our May 2021 Virtual Ceremony

Our virtual ceremony for the 2020-21 academic year is now available for viewing on UVM Streaming here. Many thanks to all who participated in organizing and producing the ceremony, and congratulations again to all of our outstanding students!

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New Inductees for 2020-21

The Alpha of Vermont welcomed 73 new members and presented the Bogorad Award to an outstanding junior at a virtual ceremony on May 20, 2021. A link to stream the ceremony will be posted soon, after the closed captioning process is complete.

Congratulations to our new inductees:

Max Allen, Gabby Altounian, Brianna Arnold, Juli Badics, Summer Barnes, Julian Barritt, Teagan Betori, Cameron Bilardello, Emma Blahut, Aiden Blasi, Helen Bohn, Maya Bostwick, Sam Brady, Ben Burns, Elora Buscher, Leilani Casper, Ginny Churchill, Brynn Connell, Claire Cook, Jill Corrigan, Alex D’Amico, Quinn DiFalco, Darcy Eliot, Daniel Felde, Madeline Fuentes, Erin Gallagher, Adam Gellman, Charlotte Graf, Amanda Grzywna, Pleun Haantjes, Julia Harrod, Judy Hoang, Lee Hughes, Sasha Hull, Caitlin Hunt, McKenzie Imhoff, Julian Kafka, Katie Kelly, Sophia Knappertz, Anna Kolosky, Emma LaRose, Katelyn Lipton, Addie Luke-Currier, Elizabeth Mackin, Cai McCann, Marisa Minadeo, Kira Nikolaides, Zoey November, William Omohundro, Thea Pappas, Neel Patel, Jordan Rainville, Cory Raymond, Hannah Ritz, Rebecca Saunders, Yeliz Sayan, Anna Schonhorn, James Sciarappa, Michelle Scully, Will Seligmann, Rebecca Shames, Sara Sharpe, Willow Starkie Kreuder, Ryan Stuart, Camille Torfs-Leibman, Shayla Triantafillou, Luke Vidic, Kate Williams, Laney Williams, Simone Withers, Jessica Wright, Aaron Wynmor, and Lyucheng Zou.

Congratulations as well to Moira Mahoney, this year’s Bogorad Award winner. Moira is an English major with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy.

Many thanks to all the faculty and staff who aided the chapter this year, and thanks to all who attended the virtual ceremony to recognize our amazing liberal arts students!

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Upcoming Induction Ceremony for 2020-21

The Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony for May 2021 and December 2020 graduates will be held virtually via Teams Live on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 8 pm Eastern. A recording of the ceremony will be posted after the fact. You can view the live event here.

Congratulations to all the students who were elected to membership, as well as to the many excellent graduates who were not selected. We have a fixed number of spots each year, so it is always difficult to make decisions, but this year was particularly challenging. We did look at students with a 3.6 GPA or higher, rather than our usual 3.65, because we were not sure how the pandemic and especially the Spring 2020 grading policies would impact students’ grades.

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UPDATE: Ceremonies and Elections in the 2020-21 Academic Year

Due to the public health situation, the Alpha of Vermont will not be electing or inducting new members in Fall 2020. Instead, we will consider all members of the Class of 2021 — including both May and January graduates — in spring 2021 and hold a virtual induction ceremony in May. The Bogorad Award will also be presented at the May 2021 virtual ceremony.

We had a very successful virtual ceremony in 2020, and all students who are inducted virtually will have opportunities to physically sign the chapter book in the future.

The membership committee meeting to determine which students will be invited to join the chapter will be held a bit later than usual this year; the meeting will be in mid-April. Invitations will be sent via email shortly after the conclusion of the meeting.

Best wishes to all for a safe, healthy, and academically successful year!

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PBK Induction Ceremony – Edited Version Now Available

An edited version of the Spring 2020 Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony is available here.

Congratulations once again to all our new inductees!

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Congratulations, Class of 2020!

On Sunday, May 17, the Alpha of Vermont welcomed fifty-four new members via a virtual induction ceremony. We are saving a page in the chapter book for our latest members to sign in the future. Congratulations to:

Josh Audette, Nancy Bernhardt, McKenna Black, Courtney Brady, Stephanie Brooks, Nora Canellakis, Emma Cashman, Daniel Combs, Eliza Corderman, Jessica Crooker, Azilee Curl, Elizabeth Dunford, Brigitte Durieux, Elizabeth Dybas, Aidan Fenstermacher, Alison Forman-Katz, Natalie Fuchs, Chris Gish, Jason Goldfarb, Emily Heon, Cora Honigford, Carina Isbell, Kyle King, Juliana Landis, Kacy Lane, Isabel Lardner, Gigi Lavigne, Caitlin McHugh, Annika Meurs, Catie Michael, Owen Molind, Lydia Moreman, Erin Murphy, Georgia Nelson, Rachel Ocher, Allie Olson, Daniel Ortiz, Reilly Osadchey Brown, Nicky Paulson, Emma Plosser, Julia Plumb, Abby Postlewaite, Vivian Priestley, Delaney Reynolds; Julia Selle, Hannah Sheehy, Blair Shields, Evan Smith, Katie Thorpe, Camille Walton, Genevieve Winn, Abigail Wootton, Abby Zani, Kate Ziegler

Many thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make our first — and hopefully last — virtual ceremony possible!

Through at least June 17, 2020, you can view an edited version of the ceremony here.

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Attend Our Virtual Induction Ceremony on May 17

The UVM Community is invited to attend the Spring 2020 Phi Beta Kappa virtual induction ceremony, which will be held at 12 noon on Sunday, May 17. The link to the event is here.

Students being inducted into the chapter should also use the above link to participate. We will be in touch in the future about opportunities to physically sign the chapter book at a future ceremony or by appointment.

Congratulations to our outstanding liberal arts students!

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December 2019 PBK Inductees

On December 5, 2019, the Alpha of Vermont inducted twenty-one outstanding new members of our chapter:

Kate Bamberger, Meryl Anne Braconnier, Charlotte Anne Evans, Megan Fariel, Haley Katherine Ferrer, Jacqueline Elizabeth Foley, Emily Ruth Goodrich, Tianyu Guo, Clarissa Libertelli, Tuntanut Lohawatcharagul , Halle Love, Ellen Marchetti, Griffin McNamee, Adam Petrucci, Benjamin Krause Recchia, Emma Roach, Jennifer Stearns, Haley Warren, Sophia Claire Webb, and Madeline Grace Zarro

The Bogorad Award, which recognizes the junior with the most outstanding academic record in the liberal arts through the sophomore year, went to Simone Withers.

Congratulations to all of these amazing students!

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New Members of the Alpha of Vermont!

Congratulations to the newest members of the Alpha of Vermont, who were inducted in May 2019:

Haya Alshaabi, Kalia Bornstein, Rachael E. A. Carrell, Sophia Mazzoni Cirignano, Kaitlin Richards Clark, Abra Clawson, Amanda Renee Cole, Sophia May Collins, Amanda R Cornetta, Katrina Czar, Claire E. Dumont, Ryan Dupuis, Aleah Gatto, Jessica Godes, Keira Goodell, Gillian Goolkasian, Avery Hart, Hunter M Heberg, Tim M. Heffernan, Eric Hendel, Henre Hermanowski, Rowan Kamman, Jesse Marie Keel, Victoria King, Emily Victoria Klofft, Chloe Knapp, Waking Kong, Ian Ross Lake, Emma Chase Lightizer, Charlotte Diane Malling, Martin McDonald, Miranda Orcutt, Jared Paolino, Aubrey Pelletier, Madeline Yvette Powell, Katherine Marie Reid, Caroline Rood, Anthony Michael Sacco, John Luke Sawyer Shaw, Colin E. Serra, Ethan Sol Shafron, Molly Jo Skrable, Jessica M. Souza, Samantha Sullivan, Samantha Lynn Terry, Colin F. Villarin, Jiangyong Yu

Many thanks to all of the faculty members who helped with the ceremony and served on the membership committee!

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