Graduate Students

Nomination materials for potential spring election of graduates students are due April 1.

Directors of Graduate Studies at UVM may nominate graduate students for election to the chapter. Nominees must show a comprehensive academic record (both undergraduate and graduate) of high scholastic standing including breadth and depth in the range of liberal studies which constitutes a minimum for consideration in the selection process from which UVM undergraduates are chosen. In addition, they must have completed their graduate course work and examinations (including any requisite thesis or dissertation) with clear distinction.

Those elected to membership as graduate students are likely to be persons whose undergraduate work was done at institutions which do not shelter chapters of Phi Beta Kappa and therefore were not eligible for election as undergraduates or persons who may have faltered academically in some way as undergraduates and were thus excluded by strict parameters applied (here or elsewhere) in an undergraduate selection process.

Nomination materials are due by April 1 and should consist of:

  1. A letter of nomination from a professor in the student’s graduate program. That professor does not need to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
  2. Copies of all undergraduate and graduate collegiate transcripts. Photocopies made from the official transcripts submitted as part of the application to UVM are acceptable.

Send materials to: Prof. Nicole Phelps, Alpha of Vermont PBK Register, Wheeler House, 133 S. Prospect St., Burlington VT 05405.

To become members, elected graduate students must participate in an induction ceremony, and they may be asked to pay a one-time membership fee to the national Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Questions can be directed to Prof. Nicole Phelps.