Celebrating Our 175th Year with New Members!

The Alpha of Vermont was delighted to welcome 65 new students to membership in May 2023.

Students elected and inducted in Spring 2023 include: Emma Allen, Zoe Barton, Fosca Bechthold, Max Behrens, Adam Blair, Alice Blake, Brian Boyle, Madison Brown, Olivia Budington, Jasper Burak, Aliyah Burr, Evan Choquette, Zoe Colgan-Sellers, Dina Cordes, Emma Cripps, Emily Dean, Grace DiGiacoma, Russell Dougherty, Olenka Duncan, Rachel Elliott, Kaitlin Emerson, Jessica Fine, Noah Fritzhand, Ellie Furr, Nicolette Gardner, Ryan Goodale, Hannah Gottschalk, Andrew Hanus, Natalie Haskell, Fiona Haverland, Eamonn Heney, Lauren Hilgert, Alexa Hulse, Brady Jalili, Quinn Johnson, Jonathan Kaplan, Sam Koskinen, Alexa Lewis, Eleanor Lowen, Amber Lynch, Sean Magnifico, Harry Massing, Heshi Muntiu, Isabella Nick, Tiffany Phuong, Cate Phypers, Jonathan Rhudy, Kelly Robinett, Ben Roth, Eric Scharf, Anna Sellon, Lila Singer, Noah Smith, Nancy Snow, Ivy Stanton, Mikayla Stolar, Kelsey Treat, Grace Tuohy, Libby Tuttle, Julia Williamson, Yujing Wu, Lina Yudin, Rachel Zieff

Students elected in Fall 2022 and inducted in Spring 2023 include: Grace Curtis, Vera Escaja-Heiss, Briana Heller, Isabelle Petrucci, Sarah Plaut, Milena Stier

Our heartiest congratulations to our new members! Many thanks to the members of the faculty and staff who helped make this year’s ceremonies run smoothly. And many thanks to President Garimella, Provost Prelock, and the deans of UVM’s colleges for providing the membership fees, keys, and honor cords for our students.

A copy of the ceremony program is available here.

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