Chapter 10 – Wind

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Wind”

  1. The Law of the Wall (Karman-Prandtl) model is mentioned, but perhaps it would also be helpful to include the equation (it is something I introduce to the general geomorphology students). This relates well to subsequent topics.

  2. The caption in figure 10.6 on page 339 is a bit awkward. There is a better way of phrasing that the sources of dust is seasonally dry lands. Photograph 10.5 on page 334 is not very clear. It says that there is wind erosion along the stream, but it isn’t easy for me to point out. A clearer photo or an error pointing to the desired feature would be helpful. Another end of chapter question could bee to compare the locations of ergs and loess, and explaining why they are different. I am not clear on why the dust follows the trajectories in Figure 10.6 on page 339. Do the particles follow major wind patterns? If you were to overlay the major wind patterns (trade winds, westerlies) on top of the figure it would help explain the logic behind the dust trajectories.

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