Overall suggestions for the book

Please leave any general comments here that you think would improve the next edition.

5 thoughts on “Overall suggestions for the book”

  1. But I think the more pertinent you can make the volume to modern environmental issues (e.g., flooding in Houston of all those homes built on identified floodplains and drained wetlands), the better it will be.

  2. I like the book. Much more user-friendly and up-to-date than other books. Looking at the comments above, I do the application and calculations in lab, so I don’t mind that they are not in the book. In fact, I prefer that they are not. Makes it look like I’m doing something.

    I suggest that you add 10-12 knowledge-level review questions at the end of the chapters. The open-ended, short-answer questions at the end of each chapter are fine; however, I’ve found it difficult for students to jump straight from reading to open questions. I’ve put together a number of multiple choice questions that the students complete online (no grading!). They are knowledge-level questions, but it does provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate assimilation of key terms, etc. I haven’t done an assessment, but I the feedback I get is all positive. Let me know if you want what questions I have. No use reinventing the wheel.

  3. The book has wonderful descriptions, but not enough practical, applicable, model-able information. The inclusion of example models would be excellent. The application of the Manning equation with a small, downloadable dataset, or a python/r/matlab script modeling saltation initiation with windspeed. The inclusion of the equations is of course great, but priming the pump for students to be able to see that applied rather than a requirement that they take those equations, find a dataset, and begin testing to see the application.

  4. I really like figures that include process illustrations, descriptions and real photos/examples of these processes (ex. figure 5.11).

  5. Not sure if this is possible but at the ends of each chapters after applications theres a “digging deeper” section. This section comes after a list of references which makes me feel that the chapter is over and I’m less inclined to reach the digging deeper. If the references could be moved to after this section it could improve the flow from applications to digging deeper.

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