Chapter 2 – Tool kit

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Tool kit”

  1. The remote sensings are explained very well, but I think having more field examples would help to understand. A specific field of study like hillslope study with GIS will be great. Also, more examples of numerical models could be helpful.

  2. Would be cool to have some of the questions ask about using different techniques and how they can illustrate geomorphic processes. Sort of alluded to by asking geomorphic importance, but maybe more direct questions about processes and techniques.

  3. Could be beneficial to see illustrations of remote sensing and some of the applications, especially to improve understanding of passive vs active remote sensing (similar to figure 2.11 in applications)

  4. On page 47, in the first sentence under this section, “began” should be substituted with “started” or “initiated.” If you included a photo on DEM terracing it would improve my understanding of what these errors looked like. I thought there should have been more emphasis on isotopic dating reflected in the end of chapter questions. There was one question on K/Ar dating, but I wish there had been one on U/Th. The section on luminescence dating was confusing (page 56). You covered how it was used, but I thought it was unclear as to why it worked, and the processes that created the trapped electrons. In class you did a really good job explaining it.

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