START HERE – Help us revise Key Concepts in Geomorphology

Welcome. We are revising Key Concepts in Geomorphology during 2017 and 2018 and we need your input.  We’ve created this blog so that the community can share ideas with us about how to make this a better and more useful book for the classes you teach. Helpful suggestions might include:

  1. Are there topics we left out? Are there topics we needn’t cover?
  2. Are there inaccuracies or typographic errors or photographs we should replace?
  3. Are there study questions you’d like to see us add or delete?
  4. Are there figures we should add/remove/improve?
  5. Are there references you would include at the back of a chapter that we missed or some that should be removed?

Please add your suggestions chapter by chapter and we’ll review them as we do revisions.  THANKS! for helping us make this a better book.  Please add your comments chapter by chapter.

When posting suggestions, the more specific you can be the better – please give us page numbers and figure numbers for corrections.

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