Chapter 14 – Landscape evolution

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 14 – Landscape evolution”

  1. On page 483, the textbook defines the sediment delivery ratio as “the ratio of eroded material to the amount of sediment that leaves the drainage basin”, which would imply that it is equal to the amount of eroded material divided by the sediment yield. This gives a contradiction when it later explains that large basin areas give sediment delivery ratios of less than 1 (this would mean there is more sediment leaving the basin than there is being produced in the basin) and says that yield decreases with increasing basin area while erosion remains constant. I think the wording is just flipped around in the definition, the ratio of yield to eroded material would make more sense.

  2. I think a definition of rills on the first page of the chapter would have been beneficial. I also did not understand why crystalline rocks are undeformed and the relevance of that in this section. Transient vs steady state was introduced briefly and then not again more in depth but the first explanation was vague. I would have also liked more elaborating on the critical profile of mountains.

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