Chapter 4 – Hydrology

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Hydrology”

  1. The information in this chapter is quite good, but it feels a bit out of place because the next chapter is concerned with mass wasting (chapters 6 and 7 return to hydrology).

  2. I thought the discussion of the different types of storms was perhaps less necessary and extraneous. I thought that the groundwater hydrology section could be reduced or better connected to a more “geomorphologic” topic — maybe subsidence induced by gw pumping or sinkholes influenced by dropping water levels?

  3. Distracting number of spelling errors, i.e. flow spelled sow, surficial spelled wrong, diferent instead of different.

  4. Similar to different hydrographs depedning on basin scale/shape could be nice to see hydrographs for different landuses as well

  5. P. 121 has two diagram illustrating Darcy’s Law. The diagram of Qout equation could use a more descriptive caption for that image specifically.

  6. Diagrams illustrating precipitation delivery could enhance understanding, for example illustrating warm vs cold fronts or orographic effect.

  7. I believe that in Fig. 4.8 the “Time” arrow is confusing, it should point down: it has gotten confused most of my student.

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