Project Timeline and Implementation Plan

The vendor and the Core Implementation Team have mapped out an ambitious timeline of specific steps and tasks to accomplish our desired implementation date for the first phase of the system. We’re confident we’ll reach our target date because of several factors in our favor: The new IWMS solution is “cloud-based” and hence the University will not have to set up or maintain its own servers and hardware (which was the case with our existing system). This past year, several UVM facilities and IT professional staff have already been doing the enabling (“pre-work”) for this project such as ensuring that existing data in our current system is accurate and up to date. Lastly, the vendor we’ve chosen has worked with many other higher education facilities organizations who’ve been successful.


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Why an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)?

The work that led to the decision to replace the University’s existing facilities software system (FAMIS) began several years ago. The primary users and sponsors of the system recognized that continuing to utilize a 15-year old enterprise technology platform would pose many challenges in the near- and long-term future for the University to manage its physical “assets” in a strategic and dynamic way. As related technologies and applications were evolving, it was clear that our current system (technically known as a CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System) either needed an upgrade or a full-out replacement with a more robust solution (technically known as IWMS or Integrated Workplace Management Solution). The latter option was chosen.

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