Implementation Team 2021-2023

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UVM Project Managers:

  • Steve Peary, Physical Plant/Facilities Management
  • Rachel Seremeth, Enterprise Technology Services

Implementation “Core Team”

  • Chris Behr, Enterprise Technology Services
  • Justin Banker, Enterprise Technology Services
  • Erica Spiegel, Facilities Management
  • Adam Holmes, Physical Plant
  • Joanna Birbeck, Planning, Design & Construction
  • Michael Richards, Planning, Design & Construction
  • Jill Bennett, Planning, Design & Construction
  • Paul Campo, Custodial Services
  • Windee Young, Transportation & Parking
  • Guy Roberts, College of Ag & Life Science

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) by Functional Topic

Space Data
  • University Event Services
  • Lindsey Donovan​, Controllers Office
  • Naima Dennis​, Office of the Registrar
  • Dawn Caffrey​, Cost Accounting Services
  • Reiko Choiniere​, Cost Accounting Services
  • Renee Hunt​, Financial Reporting & Accounting Services
Purchasing & Stock
  • Francis Churchill​, Risk Management & Safety
  • Mary Cannizzaro-Barton​, Physical Plant/Finance & Facilities Administration
  • Karen Lemire​, Physical Plant/Training & Compliance Office
  • Susan Skalka​, Enterprise Application Services
  • Ean Briere​, Enterprise Application Services
Fleet Management
  • Jodi Barrows​, Physical Plant
  • Tammy Duncan​, Physical Plant
Planned Maintenance (aka Preventive Maintenance Work Orders)
  • Eric Berliner​, Physical Plant
  • Jodi Barrows​, Physical Plant
  • Tammy Duncan​, Physical Plant
  • Zone Managers, Physical Plant
Reactive Maintenance (aka Service Request Work Orders)
  • Jodi Barrows​, Physical Plant
  • Tammy Duncan​, Physical Plant
  • Mary Cannizzaro-Barton​, Physical Plant/Finance & Facilities Administration
  • Susan Skalka​, Enterprise Application Services
  • Ean Briere , Enterprise Application Services
Assets & Meter Management
  • Eric Berliner​, Physical Plant
  • Jodi Barrows​, Physical Plant
  • Tammy Duncan​, Physical Plant
  • Richard Weld , Physical Plant

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Participants (January-March 2023)

Administrative Roles
  • Rebecca Myer, Finance & Facilities Administration
  • Mary Cannizzaro-Barton, Finance & Facilities Administration
  • Lori Bergevin, Finance & Facilities Administration
  • Nancy Burroughs, Custodial
  • Tammy Duncan, Physical Plant/Service Operations
  • Joanne Barrows, Physical Plant/Service Operations
  • Paula Tarte, Transportation/Automotive Shop
Managerial/Supervisory Roles
  • Paul Campo, Custodial
  • Mary Palin, Custodial
  • Domebera Somda, Custodial
  • Issouf Ouattara, Custodial
  • Guy Shane, Custodial
  • Emir Cicak, Custodial/Recycling Crew
  • Mike O’Brien, Physical Plant
  • Rick Weld, Physical Plant
  • Matt D. Farnham, Physical Plant
  • Jerry Gernander, Physical Plant
  • James Lang, Physical Plant
  • Henry Moreno, Residential Life Facilities
  • Jonathan Post, Residential Life Facilities
  • Chris R Walker, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Windee Young, Transportation/Automotive Shop
Technician/Front-Line Crew Roles
  • Kelly Medlar, Physical Plant
  • Parker Barrell, Physical Plant
  • Eric Tourville, Physical Plant
  • Nathaniel Walker, Physical Plant
  • Jim Hughes, Physical Plant
  • Sidney Wright, Physical Plant
  • Ted Goad, Custodial/Recycling Crew
Requestors/Space Survey Administrator Roles
  • Cindy Lee, Division of Finance
  • Deb Crosby, Residential Life
  • Elayna Mellas-Hulett, Larner College of Medicine
  • Sue Williams, Larner College of Medicine
  • Gabriela Mora-Klepeis, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Travis Verret, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Guy Roberts, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Doug Dickey, College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
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