The “I” is for Integrated

It’s been a while since the IWMS Core team has provided a Blog post update.

The roll-out timeline has been modified slightly because of several complexities and factors beyond anyone’s control. We are now aiming towards a “Go Live” date later in 2023 – which will align better with the university’s overall business calendar. We are still a few weeks away from having the fully functional and configured “test” version of the application for invited campus stakeholders to have access and help us test.  

Much of the work is still happening behind the scenes. All the base data from FAMIS about space (buildings and properties), equipment, vehicles and materials warehouse has been loaded into Planon and a new self-service request menu has been designed. The Core Team has been doing initial testing on these data sets for several weeks.  

The functionality for everything else in Planon hinges on the successful completion of systems integration (with Peoplesoft and Kronos) which is complex and time-consuming work. UVM’s Enterprise Application Services (EAS) team and Planon have been working through an iterative process to write the necessary computer file code, send test file transfers between systems, to then test the functioning and verify the accuracy of the data transferred to and from each system, and then repeating these steps many times over.

This “back and forth” process is lengthy and detail-oriented work, but it is critically necessary to ensure the financial and human resource data (e.g., department unit codes, employee names, NetIDs, budget chartstrings, purchase requisition numbers, and so on) properly flows in and out of each system. Many subject matter experts within the Division of Finance have been helping with this work.  

We genuinely appreciate everyone’s patience as this project moves along.

Monthly Q&A Open Forums will resume in November.  

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