User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Kicks-Off January ’23

With the first round of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by the Core Team now complete, this week we are kicking off UAT Round 2. We have already invited over 45 campus stakeholders to participate in testing the system’s configuration, functionality, intuitiveness and ease of navigation with fresh eyes.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) participants will be granted access to the Planon portal.

As the name implies, “user acceptance” testing involves having actual UVM users test the software to make sure it works. The UAT2 participants were selected based on their functional roles to ensure we have a representative sampling of the end users who’ll be accessing Planon for different purposes—ranging from requesting services or ordering supplies to filling out timecards or space surveys.

The entire UAT2 process will last about two months—through March 2023 or until both UVM and Planon are satisfied with the test results prior to “go live”. The overall goals of user acceptance testing are to:

  1. Test the system permissions associated with each type of end-user role.
  2. Ensure each user has access to the functions and data that they need to do their job.
  3. Ensure the system is intuitive to use and provides the functionality for each user role to perform business process or workflows related to their role.
  4. Make sure that all business process workflows run properly from start to finish.

On January 12th and 13th, UAT2 testers will attend a kick-off meeting and get trained on basic software navigation followed by more “role specific” technical trainings the following week. UAT2 Testers will be given credentials to login to the Acceptance (or “acc”) version of the Planon software portal so they can click through specific actions and processes which simulate actual daily operations.  Testers are expected to commit several hours per week to this effort, and will document their findings and feedback through written Log Sheets and during weekly Teams meetings so that we can keep track of any issues and concerns and ensure these are resolved by Planon’s development team.

Stay tuned for testing results in the coming months.

-IWMS Core Team

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