April showers & May flowers won’t bring IWMS this Spring

The IWMS Core Implementation Team and our business partner, Planon, have had to slightly adjust the project timeline which means the Planon system “go live” date will not coincide with the start of new fiscal year. Instead, we are aiming to deploy the first phase of Planon — and fully unplug from FAMIS– by the start of the Fall 2022 semester. (As a reminder, campus departmental Space Inventory Administrators are still required to complete their FY22 Space Inventory in FAMIS by June 13, 2022.)

We are still a few months away from having the configured version (i.e., more realistic “look and feel”) of the cloud-based Planon application for campus stakeholders to test and explore.

As of late March 2022, the Core Team and Planon have wrapped up the initial design phase of the project so that Planon can now begin their configuration work and start incorporating the UVM-specified configuration and functionality into the development version of the application.

Our team continues to engage many campus stakeholders and subject matter experts along the way. Several additional meetings were added to the original scope of the design phase to involve representatives from Procurement, Disbursement, Payroll and Cost Accounting Services ahead of the formal data integration phase.

Since October 2021, we’ve hosted eight “live” Q&A open forums on Teams with over 100 attendees in most sessions, and we conducted focus groups of about 80 front line maintenance technicians and supervisors. Additionally, we’ve received 105 responses to a lengthy (but fun!) survey which provided our team with great insights into which menu options of Frequently Requested Services make the most sense for our campus users.

More Q&A Open Forums will be scheduled this spring, so be sure to subscribe to our Users listserve to receive the invites.

Stay tuned.
~The IWMS Core Implementation Team

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