“About 20 Weeks to Go.” Not!

During this week’s Core Team meeting, one team member noted we have “About 20 weeks to go!” before we launch. The words were like a lightning bolt, reminding us of our original timeline goal to design, configure, test, train users and launch our new Planon platform —and unplug FAMIS— to align with the start of the new Fiscal Year.  Ambitious? Perhaps. Achievable? Hmmmmm, turns out “Not”.

The IWMS Core Team has been busily working with Planon, convening conversations with internal decision-makers and SME’s, and hosting regular Q&A Open Forums on MS Teams for campus stakeholders. In early January, the Core Team received hands-on training with Planon, and team members now have full access to a development (“dev”) website being built for UVM. A sampling of UVM facilities and space data has been uploaded to the dev site so that we have “real” (and familiar) data to work with. Our ETS team members have been working on and testing integrations with other UVM systems (i.e., Peoplesoft, Active Directory Single Sign-On, etc.). Other behind-the-scenes work being done includes the clean-up of all Asset data currently in FAMIS, and also identifying and capturing new data about any Assets which are not currently in FAMIS.

The Core Team has completed two rounds of Design Document Reviews for Planon so that their software design and configuration team can get to work on laying out the system for UVM in a way that meets all of our functional needs.

We’re still quite a few months away from User Testing (or an opportunity for end users to get access to a Planon testing website), and we appreciate everyone’s patience until then.

Stay tuned~

The IWMS Core Team

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