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Posted: August 8th, 2011 by David Rettew

Achenbach System of Emprically Based Assessment

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics

Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project:  This program is an effort similar to this one on a larger scale in Massachusetts. The site also contains information about specific disorders and has other useful references.

Partnership Access Line (PAL):  This Washington State program is another project to faciliate access and collaboration between the child psychiatry and primary care communities.  In the Resources section, there is a downloadable “Primary Care Principles for Child Mental Health” that, after page 19, contains guidelines, free rating scales, and medication guides to a number of different disorders.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for Primary Care (CAP-PC):  This site describes an important effort going on in New York between several child psychiatry divisions across the state and the primary care community.  Another valuable aspect of this site is that under “Clinical Resources for Primary Care,” there are links to many good behavioral rating scales that can be downloaded for free on the spot.

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