Sensory Over-Responsiveness and Psychiatric Disorders

Sensory Over-Responsiveness and Psychiatric Disorders by John Koutras, MD A new study sheds light on the link between children who are hypersensitive to sounds, textures, etc. and the presence of psychiatric disorders.   This condition has been termed sensory over-responsivity (SOR), or difficulties in sensory integration.  While the presence of SOR can clinically be a red […]

Vermont Youth are Taking Fewer Psychiatric Medications

At a recent meeting of the state’s Psychopharmacology Trend Monitoring Group, of which I am a member, data was presented from the Department of Vermont Health Access that showed clear reductions over the last three years in the number of Vermont children taking psychiatric medications.   The data were compiled from children and adolescents who use […]

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Tips to Help Against Youth Suicide and Depression

The recent tragedy surrounding the attempted suicide in Walpole NH reminds us all that the danger of youth suicide remains active in our own backyard.  Drawing upon the recently blogged Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention Platform and the new website , it is worth thinking again about some suggestions for parents and primary care clinicians.  […]

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New Program for Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention

The Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention Platform 2012 was released yesterday by the Center for Health and Learning.  This program is developed from a grant awarded to the Center from SAMHSA and features 10 specific components, including a new website designed for youth to access themselves to get important information of what to do if […]

Are You Under Dosing SSRIs?

At a recent pharmacology update sponsored by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, John Walkup MD, vice chair of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He stated that using a subtherapeutic dose continues to stigmatize children for being on medications and having continued symptoms while not getting the […]