Sleep Problems in ADHD

QUESTION:  I have been treating a 7 year old boy with ADHD using Concerta 54mg and afternoon methylphenidate.  He developed trouble sleeping which initially responded to clonidine but that seemed to stop working.  I discontinued the methylphenidate in the afternoon, and switched to guanfacine at bedtime but that was of no help.  Last week I had […]

Making Sense of Psychotherapy

Counseling or psychotherapy is a critical piece of comprehensive mental health care.  Studies have shown than for many conditions it can be at least as effective as medications and may have longer lasting benefits. Many primary care clinicians know that their patient is “in counseling” but often not much more than that. The world of […]

Autism – Tools and Questions

by Jeremiah Dickerson, MD Autism and related disorders (autism spectrum disorders [ASDs]) are characterized by a constellation of impairments in the domains of communication skills and reciprocal social interactions that are accompanied by the presence of repetitive and inflexible behaviors.  Children who exhibit these impairments and behavioral changes also may demonstrate challenges in a variety […]


Talking about Disaster in the Wake of Irene

Back to school season, typically a time of exciting new starts for children, has taken a blow in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, which along with catastrophic destruction in towns across the state of Vermont and region, has caused widespread school closings and delays. Parents and teachers may currently be faced with the challenge […]

Bullying – What You Can Do

Kids bullying other kids used to be seen as an innocent rite of passage.  Research has shown, however, that bullying can have severe and sometimes tragic consequences. New technology, such as social networking internet sites, now can extend the reach of bullies form the confines of school and into the homes of all children with […]