Dysregulated Infant – Dysregulated Child?

It is well known that babies get upset, but are infants who get REALLY upset and are very difficult to manage more likely to have behavioral problems later in life?  The data so far has been somewhat inconclusive and long-term follow-up is lacking. A new study from the journal Pediatrics may add some insight into the question. […]

New Autism Criteria Unlikely to Cause Many Individuals to Lose Diagnosis

Concern has been raised that the proposed DSM5 changes to the criteria for autism may reduce the number of individuals who meet criteria for the diagnosis and are thus entitled to services.  You can see a previous blog posting from April that looks at some of those concerns.  The new criteria reduce the number of […]

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New Vermont Program to Increase Access to Child Psychiatrists

The Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), in collaboration with the Division of Child Psychiatry at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Fletcher Allen Health Care, and Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families (VCCYF), is pioneering a new program to increase access for primary care clinicians to child psychiatrists and improve mental health care […]

Six Misconceptions About Psychotherapy

I thought I would pass along a posting that describes 6 misconceptions about seeing a therapist.  While the origin of the post is from an online psychology degree site,  I thought that the information was interesting and useful for people wondering about getting treatment.   You can see the article here .

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