The Family Dinner

(Editor’s note:  I am very pleased to present a new posting written by one of our third year psychiatry residents, Dr. David DeVellis. –  DR) by David DeVellis, MD How often do you find yourself saying “I’d do fill in the blank if I only had more time”?  Exercise, sleep, and eating well–all vital for […]

Medication Storage Safety – Not a Glamorous Conversation, but Important

We all know how important the right medications can be to health, but when they are not stored properly, these same medications can become dangerous instruments of misuse.  Diversion, suicide attempts, and accidental overdose can all result from the unsecured storage of medications.  A conversation with parents about safe medications storage can sometimes be the […]


Prenatal Folic Acid Linked to Lower Rate of Autism

(NOTE:  This study has received a lot of press and coverage today but read on to gain new insights into important details of the study that may have influenced the results and interpretation) The usefulness of folic acid supplication to reduce the risk of neural tube defects is well known.  A new study from Norway […]

Can Reviewing Potential Side Effects Increase their Chance of Being Reported?

It is standard (and required practice) to give informed consent prior to beginning a new medication during which possible side effects are discussed.  While few would argue with this practice, clinicians have wondered about the possibility that the very discussion of potential side effects might actually create an expectation that they will occur and thus […]

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