Bias Found for Depression Psychotherapy Trials

The medical community was disappointed, but perhaps not shocked, several years ago when it was revealed that the efficacy of antidepressant medications in the treatment of adolescent depression might not be as strong as we thought.  This bias was due to the fact that the clinical trials, most of which were funded by pharmaceutic companies, […]

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Treatment Gains Persist in Childhood Anxiety Disorders

The Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Study (CAMS) represents one of the largest and most comprehensive studies to date on the comparative efficacy of different types of treatment for anxiety disorders. In the original NIMH funded study, a total of 488 youth with various combinations of separation, generalized, or social anxiety disorder were randomized to treatment groups […]

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Parent Training Rated as First Line Treatment for Preschool ADHD

Recent practice guideline from the American Academy of Pediatrics now include a recommendation for assessment and intervention for ADHD before they begin elementary school, but many clinicians are unsure about exactly what treatment to recommend.  A recent paper sponsored by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and published in the the journal JAMA […]

Six Misconceptions About Psychotherapy

I thought I would pass along a posting that describes 6 misconceptions about seeing a therapist.  While the origin of the post is from an online psychology degree site,  I thought that the information was interesting and useful for people wondering about getting treatment.   You can see the article here .

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Access to Child Mental Health Care in Times of Shortage

It is no surprise to anyone working in primary care or mental health that access to child psychiatrists and other mental health experts is very difficult.  Here at the VCCYF, our own waitlist has grown to many many months despite everyone working on all cylinders.  Frustrations by parents, clinicians, and (yes) those of us here […]

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Making Sense of Psychotherapy

Counseling or psychotherapy is a critical piece of comprehensive mental health care.  Studies have shown than for many conditions it can be at least as effective as medications and may have longer lasting benefits. Many primary care clinicians know that their patient is “in counseling” but often not much more than that. The world of […]