Liquid Long-Acting Methylphenidate Preparation Now FDA Approved for ADHD

Beginning in January, physicians will have the new option of a liquid long-acting methylphenidate treatment that requires only once-daily dosing.  The medication, made by NextWave Pharmaceuticals (which will be sold to Pfizer), is called Quillivant XR and will be available at a 25mg/5ml (5mg/ml) concentration. The recommended starting dose for children 6 years old and […]

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Antipsychotic Medication Survey Coming to Vermont Clinicians

Clinicians of all types who write antipsychotic medications prescriptions for children with Medicaid insurance will soon be receiving surveys to complete on each child. The Agency of Human Services (AHS), including the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA), the Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board of the DVHA, the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the […]

Can Pacifiers Stunt Emotional Growth?

The debate about pacifiers as useful aides to soothe crying infants versus developmentally stunting crutches has been with us for decades. This group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin and elsewhere set out to test the possibility that pacifier use was associated with a delay in emotional development. Their hypothesis was that increased pacifier […]

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Adolescent Cannabis Use and Decreased IQ

Living somewhere between the worlds of science and politics has been the longstanding debate regarding the negative effects of cannabis abuse.  While there have been some studies linking its use to lower IQ, most have not assessed IQ prior to the onset of substance use. A recent study published in PNAS will likely spark more […]

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