Questions and Answers – Clonidine

Question: So – does anyone use clonidine any more (in conjunction with stimulants for aggression or conduct problems)?  I’ve seen a number of my patients ending up on Intuniv – is that better?  Is it something I can prescribe?  I have 2-3 boys, middle school aged, on stimulants who fit the criteria I used to […]

Prescribing Exercise

By Eliza Pillard, LiCSW One of the most important components to our Family Based Treatment Approach to child psychiatric issues here at the VCCYF is to “prescribe” our patients engagement in physical activity. Often this takes the form of recommending that a child be enrolled in a team sport, ideally every season.  For some families […]

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A Teen’s Brain: Driving Without the Breaks

by David Fassler, MD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UVM College of Medicine The following was previously posted in a blog for Scientific American and adapted for this blog. The next time a teenager behaves inexplicably, remember: his brain is like a car without brakes. The more primitive parts of the brain are well developed, acting […]

Does Cannabis Cause Psychosis?

Cannabis use in Vermont youth is extremely high with about a quarter of 11th and 12th graders having used it in the last 30 days, according to the Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  While cannabis is still considered to be relatively harmless by many, the health risks associated with its use are becoming increasingly apparent, […]

Who Should Evaluate and Treat ADHD? The AAP’s Nudge

In October, the journal Pediatrics, based right here in Vermont, published updated guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) regarding the assessment and treatment of ADHD.   Since its publication, what has clearly generated the most media discussion about these new guidelines is the inclusion of preschool children (age 4 and above) in the recommendations.  […]

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