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  • 22. Februar 2018: Donnerstag

    fcs on Frank's Activity Log
    Today’s Activities: Backups: Replaced jbod2’s 9:14. Tape Vaulting: forty (40) went, forty (40) returned and relabeled. LDAP/Accounts: No updates required human intervention. Updating […]
    Posted 36 minutes ago.
  • Intern & Change the World? Yes, You Can!

    Intern & Change the World? Yes, You Can!
    career on University of Vermont Career Center Blog
      Amanda Morelli (2017), a cultural anthropology and environmental studies major, spent her junior year studying abroad. With the help of a UVM Internship Scholarship, she was able to return to Central […]
    Posted 2 hours ago.
  • Changes in Hydrology and Substrate

    sklimek on My Heart Within the Pines
    The warmer weather has accompanied many changes to the Centennial Woods pine stand. Since the area is on a slope, I noticed that some of the organic layer was missing from the top of the hill but was especially […]
    Posted 19 hours ago.
  • Biofinder in Centennial Woods

    sklimek on My Heart Within the Pines
    I found that, after using Biofinder, that most of the Centennial Woods area was classified as a conifer forest and not a mixed deciduous forest. There are class 2 wetlands across the highway and areas with […]
    Posted 19 hours ago.
  • Blog Post #4

    Blog Post #4
    gseibold on George Seibold
    This political remix video takes a Walmart advertisement and, through the use of audio adjustment and interspersed clips from The Terminator (1984), turns it into a mock fascistic propaganda piece that looks like […]
    Posted 21 hours ago.
  • Posy #4

    mrrooney on Michael Rooney Blog
    political remix video.mp4 This political remix is about violence and the argument it is trying to make is to stop all this violence.  The video is persuasive in which there is fast cut by cut scene of real […]
    Posted 23 hours ago.
  • Ronald and Nancy Love Drugs

    eguinan on Ella Sophia
      Political remix videos can serve many different purposes. Some of them are more lighthearted and funny while others aim to argue a political point that has a much deeper meaning. The videos will generally […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Political Remix: The Secret of Maggie and Ronald

    An analysis of: Death Valley Days: Secret Love What is the video’s argument? This 1984 scratch video entitled Death Valley Days: Secret Love criticises and satirises British and American politics of the […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Welcome!

    edague on Employment & Transition Consulting
    This site will be used for information and training on supported employment.
    Posted yesterday.
  • Political Remix Response

    lgreen2 on English 107
    This political remix takes Barack Obama’s State of the Union address from 2014 and remixes it into Obama dissing the country and making negative statements about it. It seems to be sending an anti-Obama […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Keeping America Sacred

    bjscott on Outdoor Rec. & Tourism
    Subject: Keeping America Sacred This short political remix states a clear argument, and follows through by advancing their argument by using adequate evidence in the form of politicians, from both sides of the […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Political Remix Example

    zfalls on Writing For the Digital Age
    This video is pro-marijuana. The argument set out is passed around the science of the plant and its use throughout history. The maker of this video uses Barack Obama as a figure of political power, and uses his […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Review of a Political Remix

    Nicole Lovett on Nicole J. Lovett
    “The Usual Suspects: Black Men in Black Hoodies” (remixed by the Film/Code/Remix class at BAVC in December 2012), pulls together simple but effective clips from many recent news broadcasts. The video presents the […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Political Remix Analysis

    bwarden on Brianne's Portfolio
      This political remix video argued that domestic violence is an important issue, and that men feel they need to protect their masculinity. It does this by using videos of men trying to hurt women, news […]
    Posted 2 days ago.