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  • Figure to show the distribution of quartiles plus their median in Stata

    Figure to show the distribution of quartiles plus their median in Stata
    tbplante on Tim Plante, MD MHS
    Buried in the supplement of a recent paper is a variant of this figure that I’m rather proud of: It shows the distribution of quartile of BNP and NT proBNP at baseline on a log scale. It also shows the […]
    Posted 15 hours ago.
  • December 2019 PBK Inductees

    Nicole Phelps on Phi Beta Kappa at UVM
    On December 5, 2019, the Alpha of Vermont inducted twenty-one outstanding new members of our chapter: Kate Bamberger, Meryl Anne Braconnier, Charlotte Anne Evans, Megan Fariel, Haley Katherine Ferrer, […]
    Posted yesterday.
  • Thanksgiving break

    Thanksgiving break
    hleddy on Phenology Blog
    I grew up in the suburbs of New York, on Long Island. Long Island is a short distance from Manhattan, so the hustle of the city carries of into life in the suburbs. The place I call home is also home to […]
    Posted 2 days ago.
  • Extra Credit Prompt #2

    Extra Credit Prompt #2
    Owen McNichol on Phenology
    During Thanksgiving break, I went to one of our favorite fishing spots in Buffalo New York. The fishing spot is on a stream called Eighteen mile creek, which runs through a town called Hamburg. This phenology […]
    Posted 2 days ago.
  • The Finger Lakes- Sense of Place

    The Finger Lakes- Sense of Place
    pstevers on Salmon Hole Blog
    View from Cayuga Lake State Park, where I work in the summers. Montezuma Wetlands Taughannock Falls The feeling of home is one that is essential to happiness. In my early youth I felt it strongly: in […]
    Posted 4 days ago.
  • Sense of Place - 12/5

    Sense of Place - 12/5
    adelosri on Alex de los Rios's Phenology Blog
    Virginia Beach Oceanfront This Thanksgiving break, I regretedly returned to my homeown of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to spend time with family and friends. Returning to a place less concerned with sustainable […]
    Posted 4 days ago.
  • A different sense of place

    A different sense of place
    cegrady on Claire Grady's Phenology Blog
    Asheville Skyline, “Land of the Sky” I have lived in Asheville North Carolina since I was seven years old, after moving from Westport, Ct. My mother is a Asheville native as well as both her parents […]
    Posted 4 days ago.
  • Pious Athleticwear

    Pious Athleticwear
    ibrooks on ISLAM+MODERNITY
    In the West, Muslim women in modest clothing are often perceived as static figures who lack freedom of expression and exist under the thumb of an oppressive patriarchy. This assumption is generally […]
    Posted 4 days ago.
  • new book review

    phenne on Peter S. Henne
    I review Lee Marsden’s Religion and International Security in the latest issue of Global Change, Peace and Security. You can read it here.
    Posted 4 days ago.
  • Sense of Place on Cape Cod

    Sense of Place on Cape Cod
    creilly on Claire's Phenology Blog
    For the majority of my life, I lived in a small town called Sandwich on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I went to high school off cape about 45 minutes away from my house, so all of the friends that I made throughout […]
    Posted 5 days ago.
  • Home

    Megan Brown on Centennial Woods
    I was born in Hilliard Ohio, on July 25th 2000. My family quickly moved to Dublin Ohio, which is still where we live. Our current house is about 30 minutes from where I was born. Dublin is a suburb of […]
    Posted 5 days ago.
  • Sense of Place #2

    Sense of Place #2
    ngadowsk on Gadowski's Phenology Blog
    My home and the property it is on was where I spent my Thanksgiving break. This sense of place I have of my home has been shaped over many years of living here and experiencing the different elements […]
    Posted 5 days ago.
  • Sense of Place At Home

    Sense of Place At Home
    Owen McNichol on Phenology
    For Thanksgiving break I went back home to Orchard Park, NY which is a town right outside of the city of Buffalo. I’d say that my sense of place here is greater than anywhere else on Earth. I know my hometown l […]
    Posted 5 days ago.