Help Support a New Documentary on the Vermont Family Based Approach

What happens when you combine an innovate and effective new method of delivering mental health care, a family that benefited from the approach and wants to spread the word, and a child psychiatry fellow with a previous life as a film director?  A new documentary about the Vermont Family Based Approach, of course.

The Kelly Gibson Story

The Kelly Gibson Story

The Vermont Family Based Approach (VFBA) is a new model of child psychiatry that was developed by Dr. Jim Hudziak at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families.  The approach emphasizes the incorporation of wellness and health promotion strategies into the overall treatment plan.  Over several years, the model has become increasingly recognized and accepted, yet much more work is needed to bring this approach into mainstream practice.  As part of that effort, Dr. Hudziak has teamed with the Gibson family and child psychiatry fellow Dr. Sean Ackerman to produce a full length documentary called the Kelly Gibson Story.

Funding is needed to turn this project into a reality, and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise $40,000 (a shoestring budget by today’s standards but enough to get this story told and promoted).  Please visit the site and encourage others to do so as well.  The deadline for the funding support is July 5.  Spread the word on social media, and let’s all help get this important message out that stands to potentially transform the way that mental health care is conceptualized and practiced.



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