New Option for Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment in Burlington, VT

Spectrum Youth and Family Services announced a new program called Teen Intervention Program for Substance Use (TIPS) that will provide for intake assessment followed by a 26-week treatment program for adolescents with substance abuse problems aged 12-18. Spectrum

The treatment is family-based and uses a motivational and behavioral framework.  Parents need to attend and be involved in the fourteen 90-minute sessions. There is no group therapy component, but there will be verification of substance use through breathalyzers and urine drug screens.

After five sessions, this program is FREE for participants, as the treatment is part of an NIH funded research study, looking at ways to improve outpatient substance use treatment.  The study will be led by Spectrum’s Associate Director Annie Ramniceanu along with two Dartmouth (and previously UVM) psychologists Dr. Cathy Stanger and Dr. Alan Budney.   Of note, there is no “waitlist control” arm of the study and all participants will receive active treatment.

This looks to be a great opportunity for intensive evidence-based treatment for one of Vermont’s most entrenched problems.

More information can be found here.

Self and professional referrals can be made by calling (802) 864-7423 ext 319.

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