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Our first round of virtual workshops are scheduled. These Twilight Highlight’s are free to attend and will take place on Wednesday evenings September 1st to October 6th. These sessions will be recorded and linked on this page after the workshops.

Each event will have focused topics including:

  • Bins
  • Doing More with Less
  • Floors
  • Wash Water
  • Employee Management
  • Bubblers

Recordings of previous events are available on YouTube with closed captioning, adjustable playback speed and chapter markers in the description if you are looking to view a certain section of the webinar.


September 1st, 2021 – Bin Blitz

Experienced growers and UVMs Ag Engineering present new strategies and tools to increase the efficiency and efficacy of bin cleaning, sanitation and management practices. Lead growers show and tell their bin systems, with lessons learned. Participants leave with a plan to improve/ implement new practices.

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Resources Discussed
Cleaning Tools for Produce Farms
Bins, Buckets, Baskets & Totes

September 8th, 2021 – Doing more with less (Low cost, high value)

Evaluate low-cost (either money or time) improvements that make a big difference.
Experience growers show and tell the thrifty improvements they made and summarize lessons learned., including trade-offs of spending money (or not) to lower risks and increase efficiency.

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Resources Discussed
Postharvest Case Studies
Vegetable Wash Sinks, Tanks, Tubs and Basins: Upgrades for Efficiency and Ergonomics
Floor Design for Vegetable Wash, Pack and Storage Areas
Drains for Produce Farms

September 15th 2021 – Wash/Pack Floors

Learn to improve or repair a concrete floor so that it is smooth and easy to clean. This workshop highlights concrete repair, cleaning and sanitation techniques, water management, products and resources, as well as show and tell from experienced growers, and Chris Callahan (UVM’s Engineering)

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Resources Discussed
Floor Design for Vegetable Wash, Pack and Storage Areas
Repairing Cracks and Pitting in Concrete FloorsVideo Series
Drains for Produce Farms
Cleaning Tools for Produce FarmsVideo Series

September 22nd, 2021 – Wash Water Management

Experienced growers and facilitator dig into the fundamentals of managing produce wash water, including show and tell with lessons learned about wash water management, use and monitoring of sanitizers. All participants leave with a plan to improve/ implement new practice

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Resources Discussed
Doser for Small Scale Vegetable Washing with Sanitizer
Guidance on Wash Water Discharge from Vegetable Pack Sheds – Advice on System Design

September 29th, 2021 – Tools for Employee Management and Empowerment

Develop management strategies/systems to retain and empower high-value workers, while improving crew morale and culture.. Learn from experienced managers of loyal and reliable crews, the pros and cons of their current management systems, and how they came to be. Participants leave with resources and a plan to improve/ implement one or more new practices or strategies.

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October 6th, 2021 – Bubblers/Aerators for Greens Washing

For growers wanting to install or improve a greens bubbler/aerator. Get feedback from growers who built / improved their own systems. Examine designs and DYI resources, as well as perceived quality and efficiency gains from bubblers as compared to other washing methods.

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Resources Discussed
Building a Better Greens Bubbler
Cleaning Tools & Supplies for Produce Farms

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