Post Harvest Case Studies

We have discovered a lot of farms are ramping up, renovating, or improving their post-harvest areas for a number of reasons. Some want to make it easier to clean to improve produce safety, others have outgrown their current set-up, and some are looking just to make their workspace a more enjoyable place to work. Every farm grows different crops, sells to different markets, and has different budgets to work from. Rather than trying to summarize all information at once, we have chosen to capture the entire picture for a variety of farms that are willing to share the details, what works, and what they wish they had done differently. Below are post-harvest case studies filled with pictures, examples, findings, and video interviews showcasing the different scenarios taken to improve their washing and packing space.

Small Axe Farm

  • Acres in Production: 1
  • New construction, special use farm building
  • Includes wash/pack space, microgreens growing area and a farm shop
  • Build Cost: $100,000

Read: Sharpening the Edges: Wash/Pack Efficiencies in a New Farm Building at Small Axe Farm

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Ananda Gardens

  • Acres in Production: 1.5
  • Renovated old dairy barn
  • Phased Construction Timeline
  • Combination of new & Recycled materials

Read: Patient Pursuit of Packshed Happiness at Ananda Gardens

Watch: YouTube Playlist

Wild Work Farm

  • Acres in Production: 1.5
  • Leased Land
  • 140 member CSA, Farmers Market & Wholesale
  • $100,000 Build cost
  • Outfitted Shipping Container & Pavilion Project

Read: Planning Tames the Postharvest Beast at Wild Work Farm

Watch: Interview with Lissa

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Flywheel Farm

  • Acres in Production: 2
  • Leased land
  • $10,000 DIY 8’x30′ Wooden structure
  • 8’x8′ Wash/pack with 5’x7′ Cooler

Read: A Three-Season Structure Keeps the Momentum at Flywheel Farm

Watch: Building a small-scale open packshed on leased land

Footprint Farm

  • Acres in production: 2.5
  • New construction of a BarnHouse
  • Featuring wash and pack space, walk-in cooler, workshop, and residential living space
  • Build Cost: $300,000

Read: The BarnHouse: Optimized for Modern Day Vegetable Farming at Footprint Farm

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Stout Oak Farm

  • Acres in production 5
  • 3 Season 20’x40′ Pavilion
  • Concrete floor with trench drain, metal roof supported by steel trusses
  • Open floor plan for flexible workspace
  • Field office with wind break walls
  • Build cost: $40,000

Read: Easy Breezy Three Season Packshed at Stout Oak Farm 

Watch: Interview and Visit Videos

Indian Line Farm

  • Acres in production 5
  • Renovated old dairy barn
  • Upgrades included replacing the concrete floor, raising the ceiling, installing a wash/pack area, bathroom, cooler, and improving the CSA distribution space.
  • Build Cost: $260,000

Read: The Next Chapter: Renovating a Barn to Sustain Indian Line Farm 

Watch: Farm Visit Video

New Leaf Organics

  • Acres in production: 5.5
  • Renovated old dairy Barn
  • Includes space for indoor vegetable washing, two walk in coolers, space to arrange cut flowers, store materials, and includes commercial catering kitchen
  • Build Cost: $90,000

Read: Giving a Dairy Barn New Life at New Leaf Organics

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High Meadows Farm

  • Acres in production: 7
  • Renovated old dairy barn
  • Polycarbonate solarium for natural light
  • Smoothed out concrete floors

Read: Natural Light in the Packshed at High Meadows Farm

Watch: Produce Packshed Design for Safety & Efficiency: High Meadows Farm

Root 5 Farm

  • Acres in production: 8
  • Renovated/expanded existing pole barn
  • Built to meet food processing requirements for value added production
  • Build Cost: $40,000

Read: Wheels Keep Things Rolling at Root 5 Farm

Watch: YouTube Playlist

Last Resort Farm

  • Acres in production: 10
  • Renovated old dairy barn
  • Includes 5 remotely monitored cold storage rooms
  • Build Cost: $60,000

Read: Last Resort Farm Not Stalled by Dairy Barn Conversion

Watch: YouTube Playlist

Mighty Food Farm

  • Acres in production: 14
  • New construction of a packing shed
  • Features dedicated wash and pack space, two walk-in coolers, CSA room and employee break area

Read: Mighty Clean and Comfortable – A New Wash and Pack Shed at Mighty Food Farm

Watch: YouTube Playlist

Hall Brook Farm

  • Acres in Production: 20
  • New construction of 50’x60’x16′ Metal Packhouse
  • Features radiant floor heating, bathroom, cooler, and loading dock

Read: New Metal Building from Scratch at Hall Brook Farm

Watch the Interview with Pheonix

Virtual Tour: 360 Experience

Jericho Settlers Farm

  • Acres in production: 25
  • New construction of a 45’x85’x18′ packshed
  • 50% of square footage is cooler space

Read: Expanding Infrastructure and Maximizing its Potential at Jericho Settlers Farm

Watch: Expanding to accommodate business growth at Jericho Settler’s Farm

Virtual Tour: 360 Experience

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Additional Case Studies are captured and shared on the UVM Produce Safety Portal, many of these are provided from farmers for the benefit of others.

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