BBB keeps rolling along

Upgraded from 1.1ßeta to 1.1-RC

from BBB:

It’s been almost four months of testing since we announced the availability of 1.1-beta on Jan 12, 2017.  See:
A big thanks to everyone who reported issues with the beta and helped us track down and fix them.  
As our beta releases tend to be quite stable, and we estimate that some companies have run over 100,000 meetings on 1.1-beta.  This heavy usage, along with our community, has enabled us to find and fix many edge cases and harden the product.  If you are interested, here’s a list of all the issues found and fixed since the beta release.
The above list shows the effort we put forward to ensure each release of BigBlueButton is more solid than the previous.  
The result is a 1.1 release that is a stable, documented, localized, and thoroughly tested.  This release should provide you with a platform that you can deploy and build upon for your organization and, for your users, it should provide an easy-to-use interface to hold online classes. 
In short, as product manager, I believe this is our best release to date. 

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