Windows 10 workstation

This should never have taken so long as to become a project, but there you go.

  • Installation was attempted on NIB Dell OptiPlex 390 small form factor PC, circa May 2012, NOT certified for Windows 10
  • ETS ‘LiteTouch’ express install did its thing, but did not include USB drivers. Windows 10 not very useful without mouse nor keyboard
  • BSAD LiteTouch provided correct drivers, but just one user account, a special Microsoft provided ‘Administrator’ account. But it was ‘locked,’ so despite having correct password, could not login.
  • Addition fiddling unlocked account by disabling it. Same effect.
  • Finally delved into Windows Registry, the holiest of holies spectral energy wells.¬†
  • Success!

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Born on a mountain top near New York City, Craziest state in the land of the pretty. Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree, Killed him a bear when he was only three.
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