Kathy Marmor’s fan project

Kathy Marmor’s fan project relies on the Twitter Search API, as implemented by a Perl Module downloaded from the web. Just days before her show at the Church Street Firehouse Gallery last May, Twitter updated their API from version 1 to v 1.1, causing a mad scramble to install a new updated Perl module and alter her code to use it.

Today at her show in Oregon, her fans stopped working, she was getting a 401 Forbidden error on her console. Apparently just today, Twitter changed their API such as to require HTTPS connections. I had to download and install 3 Perl modules and hack the code in one of them (/Library/Perl/5.16/Net/Twitter/Role/API/RESTv1_1.pm) to get things going again on my Mac — she has to do the same on hers.

What kind of luck is that?

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