ENVS Capstone Evaluation

Amy Seidl, PhD, Environmental Program , asks

We have an evaluation form that the evaluators of senior capstones (theses and internships) fill out. Currently, the form is filled out with pen, signed and returned to us. Because it has a rating scale we are then tallying by hand a quantitative evaluation. We’d like to make the form a) on line; b) automatically calculating, like a spreadsheet and c) electronically sent to ENVS.

Can you help us with this? If not, can you recommend someone who can?

The form can be found here http://www.uvm.edu/~envprog/formslinks/assets/202-intern-eval-site.pdf
There are a couple of versions but this is typical.




  • How many forms are we talking about?
  • What is the scoring formula? Simply add the scores? Averaged? How is N/A treated? How about the doubling? Seems like a double excellent works out as a 2, which is merely a Good in other categories, is that fair? If there is more than 1 form, is the scoring the same for all?
  • What exactly do you want sent back to ENVS? Name and final score? The completed form, suitable for printing? A link to the completed form?
  • Do the names and scores need to be stored somewhere (like a database) for future reference?





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