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On Oct 10, 2012, at 12:11 PM, Taylor Ricketts wrote:

hi wesley,

yep, indexing looks great now.  I did a bunch of searching and it seems to work.  great!

I’m uploading a new one now, so indexing won’t be current til tomorrow…

 I manually invoked the indexer — necessary to address the other issues

of course, found a couple small things:
– link to publication – those links don’t appear in any search results – only in the full list.  can you turn them on for search results?


– simple search: only works for 1 word at a time?  I tried a couple 2-word phrases and no luck.  Just checking.


– cosmetics and functionality: on search results screen, could you please put another “return to all publications” link just below the “your searched for (foo)”, and then put a carriage return below it so there’s a space before the listings begin?  


Also, could you please make the “you searched for (foo)” text bigger and bold, same font as “search publications” in the upper right.


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