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on July 24, Kurt Schaberg wrote :

My name is Kurt Schaberg and I’m helping Dr. Patricia O’Brien set up her WebCT course web page.  I was told to contact you directly regarding putting video on the web page.  Dr. O’Brien would like to have all of the videos available online for the students to access as a resource.  They are all in windows media video (.wmv) format.  These videos are a series of lectures and informational videos and total just under 9GB in total combined size.

How do you think it would be best to get these accessible on WebCT?

The "video server" has about 84 gigabytes free space, so we have plenty of room

UVM NetID "kschaber" has been authorized to create folders and upload files to the video server

There is already a "nursing" folder on the video server, created around Nov 2001 for a previous exercise in on-line nursing videos; however, you may wish to create your own. Call it anything you like, but we prefer names  that help us track down the owners/purpose

You can use the "Secure Shell File Transfer" program to upload your videos (see to upload your videos (unless, of course, you are using a Macintosh). Connect to using your kschaber NetID and associated password.

Once connected, go to the "Operation" menu, select "Go To Folder", and go to folder


Look for and open the nursing folder, or chose "New Folder" from the Operation. Now find your video on the left-hand window, and drag them to the right-hand window. Also, change the permissions as described in the above referenced URL

If you get stuck, any of the "Dr is In" staff ought to be able to help.

Once the videos are uploaded, you need to create links to them in you WebCT pages. For a given video, say


in the folder, say


the URL (address, link) for the video is then

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