Not as easy as it looks.

I would like to install the FLip4Mac WMV Studio components on the CMD Macs. See http://www.flip4mac.com/wmv_studio.htm

FLip4Mac WMV Studio allows any video application to export files in Windows Media Format

Cost is $49 per license, less 20% Educational discount. See http://www.flip4mac.com/educational_signup.htm


Truth be told, I am not of fan of Powerpoint nor WIndows Media files. However, the Customer is Always RIght, and two clients  have come in this week who wanted their videos inserted into PowerPoint (Windows version) presentations. Microsoft being Microsoft, the only sure-fire way to present high-quality video into a Powerpoint presentation is to use Windows Media Format.

The current pipeline to generate Windows Media files from material captured (from tape or DVD) is the first export the video in bulky, 3  Megabyte per second AVI files, move the files to zoo, move yourself to a PC, import the files into Windows Movie Maker, and export again as WMV. The process is both laborious and time consuming.

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