On Feb 8, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Alfred C. Snider wrote:

Part 1 is a blog for debaters, localized, for specific organizations, etc. Can we also do some videoblogging here?

Video PodCasting? Piece of cake.

Part 2 is a wiki for putting together a giant debate text with many authors.

I know how to install wiki software (see ), but I haven’t figured out how to use/administer it.

Part 3 is a debating area. This is where we would like to request the cooperation of Mad Dog Wesley Wright. I have two ideas:
A. A place to do live internet debates. We already have that but we will need to link to it.

making links is easy, if that is all you want — or do you have something more in mind?

B. A place where people can have discontinuous video debates.  We envision someone uploading a video of their first speech and then the other side has 2-3 days to upload their response, etc. until we have a whole debate. These can be watched, speech at a time, by anyone. We will have an official judge who will watch it when it is over, and we can solicit audience votes as well.
This is the one we really need some help with.

Sounds pretty straight-forward. File upload is easy (see for example ). Add some approval mechanisms to prevent abuse, and we’re done. Voting gets a little complicated in terms of preventing ballot box stuffing. But nothing insurmountable.

Then On Feb 10, 2006, at 4:33 PM, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello Guys,
Since 15th is my last day here I truly don’t think I can do much however, we can certainly start installing a Mediawiki and Mambo distribution for the CMS for this project. Wesley? Could you do this and send me the urls and create a seperate admin account for these installations. They can really live anywhere (they will be masked (forwarded) via domain name I believe) and since I don’t think WDI has a MYSQL account perhaps you can also install both on an existing MYSQL db or create one for these two installations. They are pretty similar in terms of installations both use PHP/ MySQL configurations. ( You mentioned you already know how to install  there I believe)

Sure, they can live anywhere — but they need to live somewhere, and that generally means UVM and UVM’s "Zoo" cluster of servers. Which generally means that there must be an associate Zoo account and "NetID."

Fortunately, there is: from what I can tell, someone from the Theater department requested and obtained the UVM NetID "debate" and the url

sometime around May 4, 1999. And then never really used the account. Even more fortunate, the password associated with this account was trivial to guess. Guess it I did, which allowed me to

  • follow CIT procedures ( to obtain a mySQl account (debate) and databases (DEBATE for Mambo; DEBATE_! for mediawiki)
  • install and initially configure Mediawiki and Mambo



Admin accounts and secret words for both are xxx and yyy

So now what?

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