Short Takes 4

Tina Escaja wrote:

About making the voice happen with the barcode, I do the following:

1. I open Audocity and record my voice (I used this time the iSight microphone, because for some reason the regular one did not work. I mention this in case is important)

2. I save it as, let say LugardelSilencio.mp3

3. I go to the created Audcity file, hit the right side of the mouse and in Get Info, I get rid of the mp3 part

4. Now, this file name must match the barcode file name.

Whoops! Here is her mistake. The file name (of the MP3) file must match the BARCODE. Not the barcode file name.

In other words, whatever Anges says — and whatever appears in the EvoBarCode "results" box — that is what the MP3 file should be named.

Here is a "flow chart:"

    Barcode is printed on paper
    Evobarcode reads lines on paper
    Evobarcode translates into text (letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces)
    Evobarcode hands text to script
    Script looks for file named exactly the same as the text it was given by evobarcode
        if it finds file, it uses playsound to play it
        if it doesn’t, it asks Agnes to speak it

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