GLCP=>Dspace Conversion

SLow going as i wade through the metadata in the dtaatbase and figure out where it goes in Dspace Dublin Core implimentation. Think I fiannly have it down now, so onto the coding I go, when I realizie that there is another major disconnect between current GLCP practices and Dspace implimentation.

You see, Glcp has one record for each image (although this gets muddied by the contents of the LONGDESC field). Related records are associated via the "LS #", with an attached suffix indicating which image in the series.

My original though was to map the data in the lowest sequence number within an LS number group to one item record in dspace, and then match each bitstream associated with that record to bitsstreams associated with teh item record.

But then all images in an item would have the same metadata, when clearly they should have different dates, resolutions, photgraphers and such

So afte rmuch consternation, I’ve decided that one Dspace item per picture is probably the best way to go, and associate related records using the relation.ispartofseries element.

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