Concept mapping software -server implementation

On Jun 23, 2005, at 4:16 PM, Justin Henry wrote:

Paul is interested in having HMC CmapServer available for his students. In looking at the website, it looks like the OSX version would be the esaiest to install (i.e. the Linux version requires a restart of the machine, at least according to the instructions):

Would you know of a machine that we could install this on? I think I may know of a few more faculty who might be interested in something like this as well. What do you think?

Interesting path — from Paul to Andrew to Mike to Shirley to Wendy to Justin.

Yes, I can install it on either weasel (ancient G3 Mac OS X server) or badger (better dual processor IBM Fedora core server).

No, you don’t need to restart the linux machine. Don’t always trust install instruction.

I can prolly get to it early-middle of next week.

-Justin Paul Bierman wrote: > >

Here it is. The software is very well documented so I presume the server side will also be???but give it a look with your much more experienced eyes and tell me what you think! Thanks so much,

What we really need is someone who has access to the UVM servers and enough expertise to set up the server side…we have the clients installed on all the geology computers. I’d like to use the software all fall and my hope is to get other faculty (both inside and outside of Geology) interested in what I view as a great learning tool (and a great tool for faculty to organize their ideas). So…it would be great if you all can get a start on this…and see how much work it looks to be? If you can’t do the install for us…is there anyone else on campus who could help?

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