Tiger first impressions

CIT staff finally got their Tiger disks — sort of. Master disk was reproduced locally on DVD+RW, which many folks machines can’t read.

Mine can, so I was the local (to CIT) early adopter.

Things went swimmingly until it rebootted and I logged in. I got about 5 minutes worth of performance before the system locked up tighter than Starksboro after 10 PM. Restarts yield same behavior.

Finally restarted and immediately launched Terminal and typed

top -o cpu

Saw this
waw 255 41.5 0.3 143680 3172 ?? R 4:51PM 0:55.79 /Users/waw/Documents/FAXstf X User Data/Modems/Apple Internal Modem/FaxJobMgr.app/Contents/MacOS/FaxJobMgr -psn_0_1703937

FaxJobMgr is an old component of FaxSTF, which came on on old Powerbook and was absentmindedly migrated to my current Powerbooook. It was getting launched at startup. Between that and mdimport (imports file hierarchies into the metadata datastore — part of Spotlight, I assume), my CPU was spinning it’s wheels nowhere.

So before updating YOUR mac, check if you have a FaxJobMgr kicking around — and make it go away!

On May 3, 2005, at 7:23 PM, Charles Robinson wrote:

…I think the rollover effect from FaxST(uf)F is a testament to > pretty much every version of X ever produced ALWAYS prefers > installing on a clean (blank) disk.

Folk tales. urban myth paranoia. It’s a Mac — just stick in teh disk and upgrade. Also, I only had about 3 GB of disk left on my drive — not enough for a clean install (gotta burn some of those Startrek Enterprise episodes I’ve been downloading to DVD!).

Now, onto more woes: Mac Mail. Like the Ars Technica article Kelvin cited said


new Mac Mail is butt ugly. I don’t like the resurrection of the not- seen-since-my-Wife’s-Mac-Classic Chicago font. It took 20 minutes to import my 65,000 email messages (long story). A few new empty mailboxes were created — I had a folder called Incoming with some some folders like "Mansfield Report Status": now I had one called incomingMansfield Report Status, and a Mansfield Report Status mailbox at the same level as the Incoming folder. And all my "If this is true move mail to mailbox X" rules were changed to "If this is true move mail to mailbox InBox" — a do-nothing rule.

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