More WRUV Streamcasting

I spent most of today hacking at the esound code, and found the answer.

At this very moment,

is employing the WRUV G4 Xserve for encoding.

Or it was, as of 10:48 AM. We’ll see

  • how long it stays up
  • if it come back automatically after system reboot
  • if the breaks up while DJ uses computer

Brian Bittman states:

and besides i think we can use that as our station archiver instead (recording the stream for on-demand streaming… this is another matter, go ahead ask)


are you comfortable with a linux box?  i’ve got a slackware 10.1 installation running on an athlon 550 with 90mb ram – i think it’ll pull it off but i haven’t really gotten to that part yet.  if it works, than we can encode on that, at the station, and have it send the stream to the darwin box at cit.

Worth a try

than as far as using darwin goes, there are a million and one shoutcast compatible server apps out there, why not pick one, they are all free – then we could use the features that shoutcast offers?  but i *do* think that having the server at cit is a good idea, that makes a lot of sense for many reasons, so i’m not arguing with that.  i just think that maybe using quicktime is a step backwards.

We’re not using QuickTime. We’re using a shoutcast Mp3 stream. It just happens to come from  Darwin Streaming Server rather than a true shoutcast server.

But yes, I see your point, and installation of an alternate server is on my do-list. So is going to British Columbia for a week+ of skiing, leaving Thursday night, be back Monday Feb 28.

so when i’ve got this machine streaming for real i’ll ping you again.  probably early next week, hope to get this done this weekend.

Until I or TSG gets an alternate CIT streaming server running, I do have another QTSS you can use for testing. It is behind the campus firewall, so you’ll need to either set up your encoder and listen on-campus or use the Cisco VPN client if off-campus (for both encoding and listening). I think this is the right info
port 8000
password xxxxxxx
stream URL

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