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On Apr 20, 2005, at 9:29 AM, Kent G. Saunders wrote: >

I’ve been working on getting the new media server setup and have it  partially ready for testing. Currently Icecast and Helix are ready to  test. I’m still working with the Darwin server. Here is some  connection information for you:

  • Icecast 2.2.0 
  • Server: >
  •  Port 8005 (configurable) >
  •  Relay Pasword: xxxxxx
  • Media can be stored in /usr/local/share/icecast/web >
  • Protocol to use is http >
  • File test:
  • Stream test: http://funnelweb/ (need server up on my > workstation) > >

I think that with this information you should be able to get the radio > station online. > >

appeared to be inaccessible from off-campus, but Kent fixed. Now have WRUV streaming at

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