trying to get the "new" version of cyclos running — but what IS tthe new version…from an email exchange….

Wesley, I contacted Hugo at cyclos and asked him if they had tested the upgrade. This was his response, the only suggestion he had was to be sure that the actions.sql script is run on the database. If this does not help, I guess we just have to wait until the GPL version is released. Again, thank you for your help Mark

Well, it was of some help, maybe. On the Cyclos Downloads page, there are three links:

  1. ("Cyclos Binary")
  2. ("Cyclos Source Code")
  3. (install instructions)

According to the instructions, actions.sql is in


well, that folder only exists if you download and unzip the Cyclos Source Code, which I did. I ran the actions script (which really just adds but one action to the 61 currently in the database) Now we get to the fun part.

  • The "cyclos.war" file that I originally loaded (and is currently in use at is 8044039 bytes.
  • The "cyclos.war" file that I downloaded from on November 18 (which did NOT work) is 7828976 bytes
  • The "cyclos.war" file that I downloaded from on December 9 (which did NOT work) is 8057580 bytes
  • and, as part of the Cyclos Source Code, in folder /$CYCLOS_INSTALL_DIR/cyclos_view/, there is a cyclos.war file of length 8986815 bytes.

This last cyclos.war file DOES work, and is currently running at — but is it the "latest" ? I dunno. If you go to , click on Help then About, it says But so does the "old" version.

So which is the "new" version, and where do I find it?

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